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Lagos importer stabbed to death in argument about goods

Tragedy struck in the Ajao Estate area of Lagos state on Tuesday when a thug foaming at the mouth with rage stabbed an importer to death during an argument over a small amount of goods.The deceased, identified as Ifeanyi Nwoha, 29, was said to have gone to the 2nd Francis Warehouse in the company of two of his friends, identified only as Samuel and Tony, to off-load goods from acontainer he owned.However, after they arrived at the warehouse, they were reportedly accostedby a thug who was known to Nwoha, identified as Raphael Nwonye, who chasedthem away in a furious rage, insisting that  there were no goods to offload.
According to local residents, this was not the first time that the two merchants had been embroiled in a personal dispute.The resultant argument made Nwoye lose his rage and run back to his apartment, where he retrieved a kitchen knife which he used to stab Nwoha in the neck and back then leaving him to die, taking his last breathes in a pool of his own blood.An initial attempt by Nwoha’s friends to overpower the suspect failed as he was said to have threatened to kill them if they attempted to stop him in his horrific rampage.According to local reports, Samuel and Tony then attempted to raise the alarm, however their efforts were futile as they was nobody in the nearby vicinity.
According to Vanguard, this was not the first time Nwonye has been involved in anact of flagrant violence.He is accused of stabbing five other people in the past, however his boss is alleged to have managed to get him off the hook.The suspect is believed to still be at large.

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