Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Story!!! Why you should let go of Hatred!

A teacher asked her students to bring some tomatoes in a plastic bag to school. Each tomato will be given a name of the person whom that child hates.Like this, the number of tomatoes will be equal to the number of persons they hate.On a decided day, the children brought their tomatoes well addressed. Some had two, some had three and some had five, some even had 20 tomatoes in accordance with the number of pple each student hate thus if a student hates 5 pple, he will bring 5 tomatoes.The teacher told them they have to carry the tomatoes with them everywhere they go for 2 weeks.As the days passed the children started to complain about the spoiled and smell of the tomatoes. Students who had many tomatoes complained it was very heavy to carry and the smell was too much.After 1week, the teacher asked the students "How did you feel this one week?"The Children complained of smell & heavy weight of the tomatoes especially those who carried more tomatoes.The teacher said, "This is very similar to what you carry in heart when you don't like some people. Hatred makes heart unhealthy and you carry that hatred everywhere.If you can't bear the smell of spoiled tomatoes for a week, imagine the impact on your heart that you carry throughout life.
"The Heart is a beautiful garden that needs regular cleaning of unwanted weeds.Forgive those who have angered you.This makes room for storing good things..Get better not bitterMay God strengthen us so that we can forgive those who wrong us and take away every hatred we have in our hearts.

Lol. Check out this interesting convo

Lady trying to get a See the rest after the cut...

Man caught masturbating on a train while staring at a woman (photo)

A male passenger on a train traveling northbound in New York City on Sunday has been accused by Police of performing a sex act on himself for 30 minutes while staring at a 29 year old woman.
Police released this image of the man and accused him of putting his hand down his trousers and stimulating his penis while staring at the woman not concerned if people were looking at him or not.
''The man who was photographed had a prominent tattoo on his forehead reading: “TEAM USA.” NewYork City Police said. ''Anyone with information is advised to call the US version of Crimestoppers ''

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

60 rules for an awesome relationship !

1. It’s not the beauty of a wife that keeps a man from straying. It is self-discipline.
2. You need discipline before marriage, and you need discipline after marriage.
3. Pray for a woman who cares about you, who sees your success as her success and her success as yours.
4. Pray for someone who wants you, who’ll be so identified with you she’s you. Two people, one life.
5. Love is a friendship of the heart.
6. In a marriage love matters. Affection maters. Attraction matters. Physical attributes matter. So does character.
7. If you don’t love her don’t marry her. If you’re not attracted to her leave her alone.
8. If you can’t afford a home of your own it just means you’re not ready for marriage. Get your own home.
9. A man without a mind of his own is not a man.
10. Learn to take responsibility for the natural consequences of your action. Be a man!
11. Stubbornness reads humility as humiliation.
12. Learn to sleep over things. Don’t be hasty of action if the answer is not clear to you.
13. She’s lonely and you’re lonely, hence relationship. There’s a danger to such matches.
14. Sex is a very powerful impulse, a very strong drive. Don’t let it drive you, it’s a bad driver.
15. The greatest danger about addiction to porn and masturbation is that it alienates intimacy.
16. If you want to stop your addiction to masturbation, cut off the accelerant and oxygen to the flame in your groin – porn!
17. Pay attention to your wife so she doesn't feel you don’t really care about her.
18. You can’t approach marriage like you already know. It’s not accommodating and it’s arrogant.
19. Listen. Acknowledge. Adopt. Adapt. Make time. Make room. Make friends. Seven matrimonial virtues.
20. Put more resources into your marriage than your wedding.
21. Don’t marry what you can’t afford.
22. Nothing is as depressive as being locked up for eternity in a marriage with someone you don’t like.
23. If you want a truly loving and affectionate relationship, you and your partner must be sincere with each other. Sincerity is nakedness.
24. It is important your wife has a sense of security in your marriage. It’s why you need to keep affirming her, assuring her of your love.
25. Love needs to be expressed. You express love to build faith. Faith comes by hearing what is told.
26. If you do lose a good woman, go and beg her; woo her back, before another comes to take your place.
27. Romance is we. Romance is us. Romance is never me.
28. Balance things in your home. Pay attention to your wife and kids, or your home may not survive your ambition.
29. It’s important to have an honest relationship with your child. Sometimes that’s all children want.
30. Don’t allow your mum’s pursuit of the status of grandma turn your marriage into collateral damage.
31. For a marriage to break from external pressure there must be fissure within.
32. Loving takes effort. Loving is responsibility. Just try. That’s all it takes. Try.
33. Whatever you want in marriage you must be ready and willing to give.
34. When you want to choose a marriage partner, think of the future not just now. And certainly not just sex.
35. A bad marriage starts with a wrong choice of partner. And such partners are not necessarily bad people. They may just be bad for each other.
36. When our friends are in marital trouble what they need from us is not sermonizing. Just compassion. They’re in pain!
37. When values are shared, a marriage has a greater chance of success.
38. A friend is born for adversity. You know your friends when you’re in trouble.
39. If character can make someone beautiful, a deficiency of it can make someone patently ugly. Character is beauty.
40. A lonely man is vulnerable. A successful young man is a target. Don’t let the physical blind you to the obvious.
41. You’ve got to have a primary project every year – something momentous you’re pursuing for the year.
42. You have to become successful before you become successful. That’s the lesson from Joseph. Joseph was successful as a slave.
43. Tolerating in courtship what you can’t accommodate in marriage is a creative process for pain and anger.
44. These four things are important in marriage: love, peace, happiness, friendship.
45. If you proceed into a relationship knowing it will bring you sorrow, why, you’ve decided to crack coconut with your skull.
46. Manhood is not emotionlessness. It is not a lack of empathy. A man lacking in empathy is psychopathic.
47. If you’re going to have a shot at marital joy you’ll have to forbear, and learn to forbear, and choose to forbear.
48. When there’s no money a marriage soon wakes from fairy tales of love. Love and responsibility are co-travellers.
49. Solomon said time and chance happen to all. That means your opportunity will come. But will you be ready?
50. It’s not where you start that matters. It’s your determination to keep going, to keep pushing, on the inside of you.
51. Whether we acknowledge such or not, your determination to succeed will impact your girlfriend’s love for you. Being real!
52. Don’t hate what you desire. Stop hating the successful. Not every successful person is crooked.
53. As per your wife, if you want to be the man who “hit it first”, tell me, the women you hit first who’ll marry those?
54. The woman you need is the one who believes in your future, believes in the potential of your greatness in life.
55. Forget all that stuff about opposites attracting. Are you a magnet?
56. If you can’t trust someone don’t marry the someone.
57. Men change as they make money, as they rise in life. Without groundedness, success can wreck a home.
58. Never cross the line of violence in your marriage. Or in anything for that matter.
59. Every line you cross in life becomes temptation to you.
60. Responsibility defines a man, not virility.
Your mentor, LA


My son, I will be very raw and sincere with you.
Do not worry about the size of a woman buttock
or breast but worry about the size of her heart
and brain. Worry about the size of her love and
endurance. Because after 5 or 10 years, it will not
be about the breast or buttock.
As you can see, your mum now has a flat chest
and almost flat buttock but we still live together
happily, I still love her and she still love me.
Be careful of a woman that loves money. I mean
the woman that talks ‘every time’ about her hair,
cloths, shoes, bags panties and make-ups.
Marriage is not all about these things. Without
make-up, cloths, shoes and panties a good
marriage will still stand but without love, no
marriage can stand.
When I got married to your mum, I didn’t have a
car or house of my own. I was not even
educated. But I had dreams and she appreciate
and support me. Any woman that does not
support your dream is not worth thinking-a-
minute about. There are women that will see your
dreams better than you, you are lucky if you find
My son, open your ears very well, there is a kind
of woman you should avoid, do not make a
mistake to marry this kind of woman or you will
regret it. I mean a woman that always has bad
things to say about everyone. If you see this kind
of woman, run away.
One of the worst kind of woman you can marry is
the one that complains about everything. If you
buy this, she says you should have bought that, if
you do this, she said you should have done that.
Please stay away!
Most women enjoy talking but the one who talks
for two hours and listen for two minutes is a
potential ‘bomb’. Be wise
Be very careful of a pretending partner. A
pretending woman is not hard to know. She will
always know everything about everything, she will
be careful. Just close your eyes and open your
heart and you will see!
No woman is perfect. If you see a woman who
believes in your dream , who respects you who is
committed and who is not all about herself alone
then don’t let her go.
But remember, you must not be a wayward man.
I have trained you!
If you find a good woman but you are a bad man,
you wont have a good marriage!
I won’t pick a wife for you but I have given you
my advice. When you find her, bring her for my

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Xmas give-away to all BMp3 Readers

Hi, awesome readers of Bolsymp3, I will be posting contents for free tomorrow, so start sending your Songs, Videos, Articles etc to or whatsapp @+2348064848357.
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!
MhiztaBolu Cares

Spot the stars in this photo...

Who can you identify?

Kid star Ozzybosco sends shout-out to his fans & shares photos from Britain's got talent

The kid dynamite Ozzybee has dished out a special seasonĂ¢€™s greetings video message to his numerous friends, fans, families and everyone out there as we look forward to celebrating the Christmas and New Year.
This is coming two weeks after his scintillating performance at the prestigious BritainĂ¢€™s Got Talent in the United Kingdom. Nigerian vibrant kid artiste and BGT 2015 participant, @ozzybosco now known as Ozzybee and his crew has also released some catching photos relating to the competition in Manchester, England. Also released are awesome send-off photos with his classmates and Nigeria airport reception before departure and on arrival.
The good news is that Ozzybee swayed the judges and made it to the next round of the competition which will commence early 2016. While we await the release of the official visual and pictures from BGT, enjoy these materials and keep Smiling Ă¢€¦itĂ¢€™s the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!
Youtube link:

Boxing Day White Party!

The all-white movement has begun! The 2nd annual Boxing Day White Party will hold on the 26th December 2015 at Fantasy Land, Kingsway road, Ikoyi, Lagos. This year its gonna be bigger, better and Whiter!
With an all-star DJ line-up, exclusive white carpet, firework show, laid back ambience with all white cabanas, good people, great music and of course refreshed by your coolest brand Pepsi, Boxing Day White Party is officially the biggest white party Lagos has ever seen.
Dress code is ALL WHITE and access to this prestigious event is strictly by invitation. For Cabana bookings and tables reservations please call 09083600030 or 07015330313. Follow on Instagram @boxingdaywhiteparty for more information.
For a chance to win free invites, follow @Pepsi_naija on Twitter and Instagram

Americans held hostage in Iran win compensation, 36 years later

After spending 444 days in captivity, and more than 30 years seeking restitution, the Americans taken hostage at the United States Embassy in Tehran in 1979 have finally won compensation.
Buried in the huge spending bill signed into law last Friday are provisions that would give each of the 53 hostages or their estates up to $4.4 million.
Victims of other state-sponsored terrorist attacks such as the 1998 American Embassy bombings in East Africa would also be eligible for benefits under the law.
“I had to pull over to the side of the road, and I basically cried,” said Rodney V. Sickmann, who was a Marine sergeant working as a security guard at the embassy in Tehran when he was seized along with the other Americans by an angry mob that overran the compound on Nov. 4, 1979. “It has been 36 years, one month, 14 days, obviously, until President Obama signed the actual bill, until Iran was held accountable,” he said.
The law now stands to bring closure to a saga that riveted the nation and ruptured America’s ties with Iran. The very agreement that won the hostages’ release in 1981 barred them from seeking restitution. Their legal claims were repeatedly blocked in the courts, including an appeal denied by the Supreme Court. Congress tried but failed to pass laws granting them relief.
But this year, vindication came in a decision that forced the Paris-based bank BNP Paribas to pay a $9 billion penalty for violating sanctions against Iran, Sudan and Cuba. Some of that money was suddenly available for victims of state-sponsored terrorism.
Some of the hostages were subject to physical and psychological torture during their long ordeal.
It is not clear, however, whether all the former hostages or their families will receive full payments. In large measure that is because the $4.4 million total authorized by Congress depends on the outcome of efforts to collect on judgments won in earlier court rulings involving victims of terrorist attacks, as well as on the number of victims who file claims.
The law authorizes payments of up to $10,000 per day of captivity for each of the 53 hostages, 37 of whom are still alive. Fifty-two hostages were released on Jan. 20, 1981; a 53rd hostage had been released earlier because of illness.
Spouses and children are authorized to receive a lump payment of as much as $600,000.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Check out the sexy outfits Toolz & Gbemi wore to their Xmas concer

The female OAP's rocked sexy black outfits to the Beat FM Christmas concert in Lagos yesterday December 20th. 

See Miss Nigeria's outfits at the Miss Universe competition that's got Nigerians talking

Nigeria's representative at the Miss Universe competition Debbie Collins wore this agriculture-inspired outfit as her traditional costume to the just concluded Miss Universe 2015 competition. Nigerians have Continue...

Photos: Governor Ambode at the 15th Edition of Governor's Cup.

Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, yesterday, attended the grand finale of the 15th Governor's Cup, at the Lord Rumens Centre Court of Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Onikan. More pics after the cut...

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Wait, a Nigerian president's daughter can't wear a $1k shoe again?

President Buhari’s daughter, Zahra, wore this lovely Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Satin pumps said to be worth $965 and $1,099.00 on EBay, on her birthday last week and some people are talking about it. She shouldn't wear designer shoes again because her father is president? Thoughts?

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Lighter mood! If the three wise men where women

1. Dey would have asked 4 directions
instead of
following the star.
2. They would have presented gifts
such as
pampers, powder, feeding bottle,
Akamu, cerelac and so on.
3. After leaving one would have told d
other ''did
u see Mary's shoes, they dont match
her dress''.
4. One would av also said ''I heard
Joseph is not
working, he's just an ordinary
capenter. how can
they survive?''
5.Another would av said ''imagine the
kind of
dirty enviroment she deliverd, are they
nt perceiving de
bad odour from de sheep & Goats?''
6. Another would av also said ''the
baby doesn't
even resemble Joseph, was she really
a virgin?''.
7. One would have replied
''Virgin indeed, I knew Mary during
days nah.What are u telling me.
8. Another would have been
eyeing Joseph.
9. One go de form queen Elizabeth
saying "how
can I enter dis dirty place"?...

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Secrets of Succeeding and keeping self esteem!

Two important management lessons I learnt several years ago from a 500 Naira note.(1.) It happened some time ago while i was in an audience listening to a motivational speaker. The speaker got out his wallet & pulled out a 500 Naira note. Holding it up, he asked, "Who wants this 500 naira note?"Lots of hands went up. Including mine. A slow chorus began to build as people began to shout "Me!" "Me!" I began to wonder who the lucky one would be who the speaker would choose. And I also secretly wondered (and I am sure others did too ) why he would simply give away 500 naira. Even as the shouts of "I want it" grew louder, I noticed a young woman running down the aisle. She ran up onto the stage, went up to the speaker, and grabbed the five 500 naira note from his hand. "Well done, young lady," said the speaker into the microphone. The speaker simply say "Most of us just sit and wait for good things to happen. That's of no use. You've got to make things happen. Make a move" 'Simply thinking about doing something is of no use and not gud enough'. Our lives are like that. Weall see opportunities around us. We all want the good things. But the problem is we don't take action. We all want the 500 naira notes on offer. But we don't make the move. We look at it longingly. Get up, and do something about it. Don't worry about what other people might think.Take action (.2.) Later, the speaker got another 500 naira note and held it up for all to see, I thought I knew what's up. But he just asked a simple question. "How much is this worth?" "Five Hundred naira!" the crowd yelled in unison. "Right," said the speaker. He then took the note and crumpled it into a ball and asked "How much is it worth now?" "Five Hundred naira!" screamed the audience. He then threw the note on the ground, stamped all over it and picked up the note and asked one more time: "And how much is it worth now?" "Five Hundred naira!" was the response. "I want you to remember this," said the speaker. "Just because someonecrumples it, or stamps on it, the value of the note does not diminish. We should all be like the 500 naira note.In our lives, there will be times when we feel crushed, stamped over, beaten. But never let your self-worth diminish. Just because someone chooses to crush you, that doesn't change your worth one bit!Don't allow your self-worth to diminish because someone says something nasty or does something dirty to you."Never let your self-worth diminish.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

LYRICS: Olamide — Eyan Mayweather.

Won ni Esu Ngbe numi (Hell boy)
Look me less and look me well boy (well boy)
Galagala flows on the well boy
My money like Gari Ijebu, my money dey swell boy
Igunugu niyin f*ck it e o le je ebo
Wo n se Bonanza L’orun apadi ise n bo
You go woundo,Eferebo
Sho ri eni towalorimi, eni fe bo
Flow like notorious yet to glorious
When we dey gan the bus,nobody to ri us
Kicking the door waving the fofo
The street is what the street it sofo
The spirit living
Lokeloke lo n fo
I shoot myself, i kill them Mofoo
Won ni ke kunle ke toro fun ore ofe
E n toro fun ounje ofe
Aseju Lo’Olorun o fe
Emi big papa kapo daily on hay
Won mo L’Eko, won mo Lo Oluyole
If you earn & talking over money
Jo Koshi kuro kawon temi wole
Am on a ghost mode, Eyan Casper
Emi lon so leko bi okada jasper
Eyin old school, Esusu Tiger
Gone are the days to’Olopa ma n gba Fibre
I make them go Kokonbilo biti Lagbaja
Forget say this one na Ijoba Alagbada
Freedom of speech dey, I no go dull you
But freedom after speech I can’t assure you
You don’t know me, emi Indiamy
Lo bere mi lowo awon brother Jamiu
Ati si machine wole lati Germany
Ti n ba kolu e you go think say na Molue jam you
Igboro ti rugged, igboro ti di Sambisa
Olorun oni je ka resu, teba rimi E S’Amin sir
Brother Soudler, E sa Amin sir
Your girlfriend go follow me go hard
Or you miss her
E le mu eyin Alangba ke fi se Eggroll
If you f*ck with me , you on a death troll
Mi o n sun bi kerosene all about the peproll
If anybody se bi were, E dana sun bi Petrol
So ni were ni o n
Certificati re da
I’m ready to rambo
Eyan Mayweather
Me I’m always ready
Any fu*cking weather
Soro n gbe yin, se to sara ni abi e da
Ororo igbala re, so fi din dodo ni awe!
Me am getting money,me i dey travel go Awe!
Me am killing shows from london to Yankee
Te ba’n koja logba lo ####
Ota poju enemies lo
Olote yapa
December tun ti n bo e fun won ni hamper
Awon atole, e fun won ni pampers
Eni to ba ro’Oba fin loba ma pa
No rapper
I say no rapper
I repeat again I say no rapper don do show
Inside Eko hotel
Shut down everywhere
If you lie, I go tell
Sold out Concert in Lagos 1
Sold out concert in Malay 2
Sold out concert in Yankee 3
Sold out concert in London 4
Ewa ni kon ma fo funmi
Tani Best rapper again
Oya so funmi
Am smoking hot i no dey choke you
Am spitting the truth no need to provoke you
Fact only, am the shii ni**a
Trying not to hurt your feelings Ni**a
Omo mi na niyin
Gba biscuit Ni**a
Oya say Cheese
Dont be silly Nigga
Come & take selfie with your Daddy Ni**a
I’m the new Jega
Eyin taja fin ba’mo sere na lo fi n geje
To ba sebi were, won ma pana Ciga loju ee
(Thank you, thank you)
When dey say nobody wan talk anything about Best Rapper
Or whatever go shut down Eko hotel 1st, shut down London,
Shut down Yankee, shut down Malay, shut down everywhere before you come back to me & say you be Best rapper
Ema lowa o
I just say meh I clear your una, you know clear una doubt meh you no go do anyhow. O sha mo. File fun Baado
Eyan Mayweather.

Christmas gift suggestions:

“To your enemy, forgiveness.
 To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
 To all, charity.
 To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.” ~Oren Arnold

Drop yours I'm the comment box. Thanks.

We move through the motions, we shop, we wonder if we got the right presents, we worry about family dynamics, and before we know it the magic we once saw has been completely replaced by physical and mental exhaustion. Phew! What happens as we grow up that as we reach
adulthood makes this time of year all about spending money and time we may not have in order to fulfill expectations? Do we really need the anxiety that the shopping season can create? As you reflect upon these questions, take a deep breath and give yourself authentic gifts that don’t require anything but being open.


So you finally did it! You let him hold you and you didn't catch yourself resisting him. He sniffed at your hair, told you it smelled nice and you thought he was the best guy you had ever been with simply because he noticed the effort you put into caring for your hair. I mean, all the other guys you had been with had been douche bags yea? They didn't even notice when you changed your weave or whether it was your natural hair or not.
It never was. You had long destroyed your God given locks with relaxers and dyes, and traded it for the luster of expensive extensions that took more time to care for than it did to sew in.
But this guy noticed. He took interest in your nails too and knew your nail polish was fushia, not just pink. Oh what a darling you said to yourself.
So you decided it was finally time to take it one step further, deeper. This time, after all the many other times, you finally let him do more than just kiss you. Not that the kisses were no longer satisfying, hell you knew if you were to share more with him, he would send you to places you never dared dreamed of going.
You promised yourself you'd let him fondle only one boob, but he did more than fondle it. He bit into it, nibbling at your nipple and making your head aspire to the clouds.
He told you he had never wanted a girl as badly as he wanted you now and you believed him, even though a part of you felt slightly insecure. You didn't even feel pretty enough to be his kind of girl. And the bleaching cream you had bought for your darkened buttocks had barely made a significant difference. You were scared he would notice and not think you attractive anymore so you said no when he tried to pull your jeans down from under you.
But it was no use. He said yes for you.
You let him say yes for you. And somehow you didn't refuse.
Why didn't you refuse? You used to be so in control of yourself. You used to be able to say no and mean it.
You can barely recognize yourself right now.
He tells you your ass is the prettiest he had ever laid his eyes on.
He gasps! You like his expression. That is all the ginger you need.
He grabs your round fleshy buttocks and pulls you even further into him, kissing you, squeezing you, teasing you.
You feel wanted. It is good to feel wanted. You haven't had someone want you as badly as he wants you. You tell him this, a bit of you wishing you hadn't right after the words crawled out of your sharp mouth.
"All the guys who've never wanted you do not know what they let go of," he says to you, adding a pinch of sweetness to your overly exposed insecurities.
You tell yourself this is the only guy that deserves your body and you wished you had met him long ago.
Heck! He could do whatever he wanted with you, you thought to yourself, trading a slice of your self worth for the 3 minutes he finally dedicated to pounding into you.
It was over so fast you didn't even realize anyone could ever go that fast.
He told you that was the quickest he'd ever had to go. He blamed it on you and how too sexy you were for him.
"I just couldn't resist you, you are too much for me." He had said. A smile took possession of your face, an affirmation of your beauty and charm from him was a welcome bonus for you.
You had loved it however and it suddenly didn't matter that it was short.
The next time it happened the condom broke inside of you without any warning. Which kine yeye condom did he buy sef? You hadn't even bothered to check. You had been all too in a hurry, consumed by passion and excitement. And how convincing that it became the reason why you let him lure you into believing all raw was all better. E don kukuma happen abi?
You thought he was stupid for not using a Durex but you found yourself forgiving his stupidity in the same instance.
Onome had told you Durex never broke and it even felt like the real thing.
"Ha! Bisi you better fear God oh. Hold your own in your bag. All these boys would just come and be forming 'I-just-ran-out-of-condoms' for you. Then you would be there with Konji using you to do dada," she had said to you.
You trusted her. Onome was a pro. She was the one who even taught you the master art of fellatio.
"Only use your teeth if you suspect he has been cheating on you. That's the best punishment." You thought she was mad. Na meat?
You could never understand how she managed to proudly walk around with a pack of Durex condoms in her handbag.
If only you bought your own condoms yourself since you had decided to start having sex.
But you were too shy to buy condoms. So you let him use whatever condoms he had available. Or not.
It happened again three more times.
And each time was better than the last. He took you to a kind of heaven on earth. Or so it felt. This one was God-send you say!
Every time it happened, a part of you said it was wrong. You two weren't married, it didn't seem right. There was just something wrong with the situation of things. And so there was a little sack of guilt latched on to the back of your consciousness like an unseen demon. It knocked and tapped and rapped at you in your head, a soft warning voice that told you all along, "This is bad. This is bad."
However you found a way to curl up and let it all feel okay. You told yourself you were finally committed to somebody and you were going to make it work. One day you two would be married anyway so what difference did it make?
If somebody had told you it took more than giving your body to a man to get him to marry you, you probably would not have listened anyway.
The days breezed away quickly and weeks became a few months and in this short time, you had enjoyed the bliss of his company more than you could account for.
And then one day it was all over.
Just like that.
There had been an argument, one you couldn't care to remember the cause of. You had yelled at him and he yelled back. It wasn't the first time there was a fight between you two, but this was bad. Worse than the others.
He slammed the door in your face and you knew he was never coming back. You swore to yourself that he could go to hell and you didn't care.
Then you cried. You pulled a pillow into your chest and cried. It comforted you, its cases hugging you close and letting your salty tears find rest within it.
That was many months ago.
Now every time you permit your mind to give room for a moment of thought about him, you hate yourself.
You find yourself wishing you never even let him touch you let alone have sex with him and like it. How could you have liked it? AaarrgghH You hate the fact that you liked it. He didn't deserve you, you say.
You look yourself in the mirror and you feel slightly irritated.
"You bitch!," you say "Did you have to sleep with him?"
Soon enough you forgive yourself however, you let the memories find shelter way behind you in the hurried past and it doesn't feel so bad anymore.
Until yesterday when you saw a photo of him on instagram, holding on to a very bright smiling beautiful girl and he had tagged the photo as "Bae of life."
It tugged at your throat and pulled the life from you. You hated him all over again and hated yourself even more.
You feel little. You feel used. Dried up. Expended. There's that little girl inside you that you had satisfied by giving yourself to him and now you wish you could pull her out of you and rain curses on her for being so loose.
Ok ok, maybe this isn't how it happened with you, but you get my drift.
Babe, you really need to get over it. Hating yourself for having sex with anyone isn't going to change that you did. Accept right now, that if you were given a chance to do it all over again, you probably would still choose to have sex with this person and your reason for letting it happen would still remain.
Regretting or hating the fact that it happened only makes you feel worse about it. How about you remember that no one forced you in the first place and it was really all a choice you made yourself, in the case where you did make this choice yourself. And even if you didn't, here you are in the present, and it in your past.
Realize that who you are now isn't the same person you once were and you can make better choices for yourself.
You are more likely to respect yourself even more when you hold out on sex than when you give in, especially too early in a relationship. But it is what it is.
I never can understand how we let ourselves get all riled up about sexual issues and men on the other hand seem to be lackadaisical or outright full mouthed with their approach to the subject.
From my heart wrenching, deprecating experiences, I can give you a hundred reasons why you shouldn't even have sex with someone who isn't committed to you in the first place but who am I to make that decision for you?
But here's what I have learned and I think this would benefit you a great deal.
There are only two main things to get from a guy. His Gift or his Prick, with a little dose of friendship.
When you learn to focus on what a guy has to offer you in terms on what you can learn from his passions, talents and gifts as just another human being, resisting emotional ties and the need to be emotionally involved all the time, you'd find yourself learning and acquiring so much more than the fleeting pleasure that the flesh gives.
Understand first that you DO NOT have to be emotionally involved with every guy who is nice and sweet to you. Yeah yeah, I get it, He is the only one who gets you, he is the only one you can talk to about certain things.. how about you leave it at that and not push too hard on an emotional edge to your relationship?
As girls we are highly emotional beings and of course there is that constant need to want to be loved, and in the company of someone emotionally. But if you would hold out long enough and not give in to this need at its first instance with the guys you are around, you would find that it dissipates with time and it didn't even mean anything worthwhile in the first place.
Sometimes I look back in time on a guy from my "I-Don-wanna-Go-back-there" past and I see how I could have benefited from just being his friend and making the most of a friend zone.
Not every man who comes into your life has to end up in your heart and legs. And just because he got in your legs don't mean he's gonna wanna stay in your life. And if he got in you legs, and you let him, and you enjoyed it, don't look back on it and bring yourself down, beat yourself up, eat at your self worth and hate yourself for it.
Promise yourself that you would make better choices moving on.
I know it is difficult with all the temptation around us, but if you can and you should, make a commitment to hold out for a long time. 2 years, 4 years, till you are married maybe? Whatever it is, promise yourself. Use that as your forgiving strategy.
And if all else fails, beg the spirit of God to keep you from Temptation moving on.
Give yourself some love baby girl, you are only human and always will be. Smile, forgive yourself.


I am crying. Why am I crying? Why do I feel this way?
I feel empty.
I want to experience real joy. How do we experience real joy?
Why do I feel like such a different person?
Why do I feel less and less of myself?
I want real joy.
I am in so much pain. I have had a long terrible day.
I see how I can offer myself in service in certain ways. So why don't I do that?
How do I dedicate my life to service?
I want to serve.
I want to give my life.
I am in too much pain. I do not like how I feel.
I am not going to call anyone. I do not want to call anyone. I do not have anyone to call. What would I do? Call them to cry on the phone? No thank you. I would cry on my own.
I used to have dreams. Big dreams. I am even living some of them now. Yet I am so sad. I am so down. I am sitting down here crying.
I need help.
I am tired.
I am tired of coming back here. I am tired of holding myself back.
I do not want to keep on holding myself back.
I am so sad.
Why am I so sad?
I realize that I want better for myself and my family. I say I want better yet I do not push myself to do better. I lack the will to do anything. Why do I lack the will? Where did my zest for life and enthusiasm go to?
Where do I go from here?
How do I move from here?
What do I really want?
What is my life's purpose?
What on earth am I here for?
Answer me!

Can you answer any of these life questions above? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Master the Art of Timing

Never seem to be in a hurry – hurrying betrays a lack of control over yourself, and over time. Always seem patient, as if you know that everything will come to you eventually. Become a detective of the right moment; sniff out the spirit of the times, the trends that will carry you to power. Learn to stand back when the time is not yet ripe, and to strike fiercely when it has reached fruition.

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Friday, 11 December 2015

#UnilorinIdol "Hall of Fame" Season 1

What an awesome event it was. The  occasion which took place at the Business Lecture Theatre, Unilorin witnessed some wonderful performances and some Awful ones, but one that really caught my attention was Rihanas' stay performed by Diamond005.
She already has my vote, Pls guys she needs yours to progress to the next stage. Pls vote for Diamond005 via this link Unilorinstudentsblog
Thanks Y'all! Gracias!! 
Below  are some pictures from the University of Ilorin Idol season 1.