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How Akpos got a 2weeks suspension!

Akpos scored 20/100 in his exam.
He was so disappointed and decided to make a case.
He walked up to his teacher and said "Ma! I think i deserve something higher than 20"
Teacher "Why?"
Akpos replied "Am sure i wrote well"
"Will you get out of my office!" The teacher ordered.
Akpos went and report the teacher to the school senate.
The Senate filled the case and invited Akpos and the teacher to come with their evidence.
On the day of judgeme
nt, One of the judge turn to Akpos and said
"Why do you think you should have scored higher?"
Akpos replied "Thats because the person i copied from got 60. And am sure i copied everything"
Case closed and Akpos was given 2 years suspension.

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