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'First triplets' set to serve in Army after studying at Hampshire college

Three 16-year-olds are thought to be the first triplets set to serve in the Army at the same time.
Mirran, Connor and Lauren Duffy will soon leave a military preparation college in Hampshire to start training.
Their mother Traci Duffy, 40, from Aldershot, served in Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps and said she is "really proud" of her children.
An Army spokesman said he understood the triplets would be the first to serve simultaneously.
Connor and Mirran will begin training next month, and Lauren is currently waiting for her selection date.
Later, all three teenagers will receive awards to mark their progress at a ceremony at Farnborough Military Preparation College.
Mrs Duffy said attending the college had brought her children closer together and taught them to work as a team.
She added: "My house is going to be rather quiet, but I'm really proud. It's really good that they are setting out on their own.
Same day start
"But they are all going to be together. We call them the trio, if one of them is in trouble the other two always jump in to help.
"I'm so proud of how far they've come, they are more motivated because this is something they really want to do."
Her husband Mark, 39, is a Warrant Officer with 16 Medical Regiment based in Colchester.
Mirran joined the college in June last year and wants to follow in her father's footsteps and become a combat medic.
Connor joined at the same time and has decided to join the Air Corps during his time in the cadets. Both will start their training in Harrogate on the same day.
Lauren started at the college later than her siblings in November. The triplets are shortly set to feature in a national Army recruitment campaign.
The Military Preparation College is a free college funded by the government and the European Social Fund.
It has 19 branches nationwide and helps 16-to-19 year olds prepare for careers in the armed forces.

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