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The Right 'why'

Good morning!
Thank you for dropping by again today.

Yesterday I blogged "10 truths that helps us get through the hardest times."
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Today I'll be addressing the topic " Address the right "WHY" "
We get frustrated over time when the sane challenge we keep trying to overcome never completely goes away & thats because we address the wrong why.

A wise man once said "when you fall, look at where you slipped and not where you fell"

The major reason why we suffer is lack of knowledge.

Heres an illustration...

Day 1.  You're rowing your boat with 3 of your friends and then it began to sink. Y'all swam ashore and luckily the tides returned your boat to you.
Y'all got ashore and you blamed the incidence on the weight that was on the boat.

Day 2. You drop one of your friends and took 2 friends along. After few minutes of rowing, the boat began to sink again and you repeated your actions... Swim out and wait for the tides to return you your boat. And like always blame it on the weight.

Another wise man said "you can't continue to do the same thing in the same manner and expect a different result."

Until you realize the boat has been sinking because there's a hole in the boat, two things are certain
1. The boat will keep sinking.
2. The boat will not return one day.

So if you've been having a challenge that has kept on reoccurring, Pause, Take a deep breath and ask yourself 2 questions
1. Have I been addressing the wrong reason?
2. What other reason could cause this issue? (Always think objectively I.e without sentiment)

In case you still don't get the idea of wrong/right why!

The boat in the given illustration could be sinking for several reasons.

1. The weight could be too much in the boat.
2. There could be a hole in the boat.
3. Some religious people could say its a supernatural force.

So you see, any of the three could be the "why" but only one is the right "why" in the given scenario.

Stop repeating your actions if you're expecting a different result. Try something new.

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