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Poetry! You Have

This was all from my head while thinking about future Mrs. Me
I guess I do have some hidden talent after all.

The voice that turns me on.
The smile that I dream of.
The touch my body aches for.
The love my heart desires.
The joy that I hope to acquire.
The vision for which greatness is all I aspire.
So I will not only be your lover but also your helper.
The light shining around you that makes growing old by your side all that I require.
The kindness in your heart that makes my utmost desire to be a relationship that is deeper than normal.

The radiance all over you that makes you keep looking dapper.
The potential for greatness that is so clear even to the blind.
So evident even Stevie Wonder can sight.
The temper that makes me freight & yet the warm heart that from my darkness brings me back to light.
The personality that makes it obvious you are more than I deserve, but then a life with you is all that I wish for even if its more than I can ask for.
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