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Do we ever escape the demons of our past?

There was this young girl with a really promising future. She was not only the pride of her parents but also the pride of her school. She went for all sorts of quizzes & competition and she aced them all. Oh God, she was a genius.

 To crown it all she was really beautiful, the kind every guy can't ignore. But then, thanks to her religious background, keeping them all at bay was a piece of cake.

Her mum was a  really great mum. She gave her what most parents couldn't! Gave her series of sex talks. Yeah! Sex talks, Not all parents are capable of that. 50% take it has improper, 25% are too busy, 20% find it uncomfortable and her mum was a part of the 5% that find it necessary! She didn't really have much of a dad, he died when she was 5, Lung cancer!

As expected she eased past her exams and got into one of the most prestigious universities in town (Uniben) and more blessings came her way when she got a full scholarship through her degree programme.

But then, you know how University completely changes your OT! It changed hers. She didn't know what to do with the new freedom she got. She's never been this free, went to a day school, so there's always a mum to check her every day.
Just when she was thinking how to attain maximum fun from her newly found freedom,  there came along the right (In a bad way) kind of company.

It started with partying, drinking and graduated to having uncontrolled sex with whatever guy she pleases. Damm! She could get whichever guy she wanted.

Did I tell you she has this chocolate skin with caramel topping. You get it, right? With the dimples and gap tooth or di-estema as science calls it.

Eventually she started skipping classes. But that didn't really affect her grades. She was genius. All she needed was the textbook & few hours alone and she's good to go.

But then the big bang dropped on her when she was in 300 level. She got pregnant & the idea of abortion petrified her. So after much deliberation, she opened up to her mum who was devastated at first, but what could she do! She is still her daughter after all. She had the baby, a beautiful boy. Her mum took care of the baby while she continued her academics and she also picked her deeds where she left off. Only this time, she ensured necessary precautions.

The worst then happened when she was on her 400 level break about to cross to 500 level. It was a cold Tuesday morning in January, with the harmattan and all. She woke up, cleaned the house as usual. She was bathing her boy who was now a year plus when she realized she hasn't seen her mum come outside which was quite unlike her. She went to her room to check on her and she wasn't there.

While she was pondering what was going on, she heard a loud thump from the kitchen. She ran straight for the kitchen & she got the biggest chills of her life when she saw her mum on the kitchen floor in her pool of blood. Her mum had slipped from the stool while trying to get baby food from the top of the top of the shelf.

In that very moment, she hated her self for having the baby at such age. "If only I hadn't had the baby, my mum wouldn't be dead while trying to get baby food" she couldn't get those thoughts out of her head. That was her wake up call and it came at a very expensive price.

Two months later, she was done with all that and she had resumed back to school for her final year. This time, she became a changed & sober lady. And she had to school with her boy who was now in a creche school somewhere around Uniben.

Finally, She graduated first class, got a good job. 7 years into the job, she was a single devoted mum who has been promoted twice.

Everything seemed to be happening right until she got a call from the hospital. Her son has being involved in an accident when an a truck ran red light and crashed into the school bus.

No fatal injuries, but her son lost a lot of blood and he was blood type AB(-) which was quite rare. Luckily she was compatible. She could donate blood. No stress. All would be well.

But then the demons of her past returned when the result from the lab came after screening her blood.


It was contaminated. The tattoos she drew and the drugs she took in her university days have contaminated her blood. She had the blood but couldn't give it while her helpless son was dying.

Oh God. This was bigger than her.

The demons of her past caught up with her. And so her whole life was obliterated with 5 words from the doctor " we did all we could". Even though she was still living, she died that day with her son.

"There's no such thing as Redemption!
One Bad moment! One Bad decision!
And it doesn't really matter what we do for the rest of our life."
It becomes our stain!

PS: This is all fiction.

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