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#StopViolationAgainstOurWomen by Olawale Rashidah

Have you ever stopped to think of the numerous numbers of women,ladies,young girls treated wrongly in our society?
Well,I want you to.
 Are you managing that boy or man? Telling yourself he's going to get better?He'll stop harassing you?Giving yourself excuses? He was drunk is not enough excuse. neither is he was angry. STOP that excuse now. Are you aware you could die? Or get serious physical damage? Are you even aware of trauma?  Yes think of it. No one knows what's going on in your home, you alone does. If you continue allowing it, he won't stop you need to take that move now! Voice out
He doesn't neccesarily have to hit you with a car or a gun before you know it's battery.
He doesn't have to throw words that are heavier than lead or elephant . Or tell you he'll shoot you before you know that's  Assault.
Be wise! Be Brave!
This is our battle. if we don't take care of ourselves No one would.
Speak up before it's too late.
Rashidah olawale (IG/sheedah_ms).

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