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How To Install Microsoft .Net Framework on Windows 8/8.1 Read more at http://www.ayoproxy.com/how-to-install-microsoft-net-framework-on-windows-88-1/#QwSu5i93C0MrloUZ.99

The Earlier versions of Windows Operating System came with a particular type of headache for Computer Users. This headache has made lots of users run from Windows 8 back to Windows 7 but their body and soul still trips for the love, design awesome view of Windows 8/8.1.
Windows 8 comes with a new feature that requires you to install Microsoft .Net Framework. Most of the new softwares demand for this un-bypassable software making it difficult to use this software if .NET FRAMEWORK IS NOT INSTALLED. Today, i will show you How To Install Microsoft .Net Framework on Windows 8/8.1.

How To Install Microsoft .Net Framework on Windows 8/8.1

Before i proceed i assume you have successfully installed Windows 8 on your PC and you are probably face this issue.

Solutions :

Windows 8/8.1 Installation CD (The one used for formatting or repairing your PC it might also be a USB Pen Drive)
Download and Extract the Microsoft .Net Framework Installer 1.0 by AyoProxy to your Desktop

How To Do :

Eject your DVD/RW DRIVE and insert your Windows 8 DVD/Windows 8.1 DVD or ISO image.
the DRIVE LETTER of your CD DRIVE mine is F: as its boxed in the picture below : Go to the folder where you extract the downloaded file and choose the one meant for drive F

: The Drive Letter might be different on your computer. Make sure you run this application as an Administrator or it might not work.

If you get installation successful that means you did it right and you need to reboot your computer.

Let us know if this helped you via the comment box and dont forget to share with your friends.

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