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Locked Behind the FRIENDZONE Wall!😑

BOY: Hey!
GIRL: Hey! What's up?
BOY: So I've been thinking...
GIRL: About?
BOY: We've been friends for a while now and I think you're really cool
BOY: And I was wondering if we could go out on an actual date instead of all those other times we hang out as friends?
GIRL: Why are you telling me this?
BOY: Because I like you and I have feelings for you. Why? Did I say something wrong?
GIRL: No... This is why I don't have any guy friends
GIRL: Most of them just end up liking me and I have to tell them I only see them as friends…
GIRL: And I'm sorry but you're a really nice guy, you know how to love and care, you possess all the qualities every girl needs in a man but me I just love hanging out with you and talking to you just as a friend.
BOY: I see…
GIRL: I'm sorry if I have hurt you. I hope we can continue to be friends though
BOY: Yeah, yeah of course
GIRL: Are you sure?
BOY: Yeah, I'm sure
GIRL: Great I'm glad you understand
BOY: I do well I'll try okay?
GIRL: Yeah just too  me up if at all you wanna hang out for fun.
*A couple of weeks later, she texts him.*
GIRL: Hey!
BOY: Hey
GIRL: I miss you! Feels like we haven't talked in forever
BOY: Yeah I've been busy
GIRL: Oh well wanna hang out soon?
BOY: I'll let you know when I'm free
GIRL: Okay sounds good
BOY: Okay
*She begins to sense something was off about him. They stopped talking after that day and didn't talk for another couple of weeks. She decides to hit him up again.*
GIRL: Hey, can you talk?
BOY: Yeah, what's up?
GIRL: I'm going through a very hard time right now.
BOY: What's wrong?
GIRL: So, I met this guy a few weeks ago and we started talking and whatever and we planned to hang out and we did and one thing led to another and we did "things" and everything was all good at first but he's been acting different since we started doing things.
GIRL: Like he didn't text me as much anymore and he doesn't seem excited to talk to me or see me anymore... what do you think that means?
BOY: Are you being serious right now?
GIRL: What?
BOY: He just wanted to get some ass out of you and he did and now he's done with you because he got what he wanted and now he's probably begun to talk to another girl and probably f*cking another girl as well and forgot you existed. So what's not to get?
GIRL: Why are you talking to me like this?
BOY: Because I am mad at you. I am mad that this happened to you. I am mad because I would never have done this to you. You took me for granted…
GIRL: I don't know what's wrong with me... I always fall for these kind of guys... I feel so horrible
BOY: Honestly, I'ma be straight up with you. You're always wondering where all of the nice guys are. Guess where? In the friend-zone where you always put them. Yes, that's including me. I stopped talking to you because I'm trying to get over you. I know you've been talking to another guy; I see the posts and pictures online from you. Do you know how much that hurt me seeing that? I can't talk to you and pretend like I'm okay because I'm not. I would have never just used you for sex. I like you for you. I can see myself with you. I actually care about you. But for some reason, you're too blind to see when someone actually genuinely is into you instead of just wanting to get into you. And you always let them which honestly make you so moronic.
He didn't get a reply from her after that message. He figured maybe that made her feel awkward, feel bad, or feel angry. Either way, he knows she's thinking about it.
MORAL OF THE STORY: Some girls don't realize a good guy when he's right in front of her and decides he's not the guy for her. Then, karma hits them back when the guy they thought was nice, turned out to be an asshole. If you have got a guy who cares about you, who’s into you, who puts in all the effort to make you happy, who keeps your life going on, don’t keep him in the friend-zone if he openly told you that he loves you. Try to open up to him too

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